This chapter explains the configuration and deployment of our loaner iPads.

NOTE: This section is meant for LDT STAFF only.

Logins and Codes

Laptop Login = Language Commons Admin

Laptop password = Rotunda2016!

iPad passcode = 1593

how to create an iPad profile

Read Before Starting

In the vast majority of cases, you will not need to follow all these steps. The iPads are probably already configured with the right apps, profiles, etc. You need only to wipe the contents of the iPads and they'll be ready to go for the next users. Just in case you need to start from scratch, though, all the steps are here.

DISCLAIMER: It is a non-trivial task to get all the iPads re-configured from scratch. You will need to manually enter some information on each iPad. Proceed with caution.

Creating a New Profile (not necessary if already created)

  1. Open Apple Configurator 2
  2. File -> New Profile
  3. Change name, description, transfer message etc. under General Settings
  4. In Restrictions, disable "Allow iMessage", "Allow iCloud Backup", "Allow iCloud documents & data", "Allow iCloud Photo Sharing", "Allow iCloud Photo Library", "Allow My Photo Stream", "Allow modifying passcode"
  5. In Wifi, type in "wahoo" and check "Hidden Network"
  6. File -> Save

Creating and Editing Blueprint (if it doesn't already exist)

  1. Check to see if a Blueprint already exists (under blue grid icon)
  2. If it doesn't, File -> New Blueprint
  3. If it already exists, Edit Blueprint
  4. Right click blueprint, Add -> Apps
  5. Select Apps
  6. Right click blueprint, Add -> Profile
  7. Select Profile

Preparing iPads (if they need to be cleaned)

  1. Plug in all iPads
  2. Select all iPads (CMD A)
  3. Click Prepare (gear icon)
  4. Don't apply an MDM network
  5. Select "Supervised" and don't allow them to connect to other computers
  6. Choose "Do Not Show Any Steps"
  7. Continue through to the end of the wizard

Adding Apps Only

  1. Select all iPads (CMD A)
  2. Click Add (green + icon)
  3. Select apps to add

Adding Profile Only

  1. Select all iPads (CMD A)
  2. Click Add (green + icon)
  3. Select profile to add

Adding Documents Only

  1. Select all iPads (CMD A)
  2. Click Add (green + icon)
  3. Select documents to add

Adding Blueprints (combination of apps, profiles, documents)

  1. Select all iPads (CMD A)
  2. Click Blueprint icon (blue grid)
  3. Select Blueprint

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