Videography Checklist (equipment and camera)

The list is available as a PDF file, which you should print out.

How to Use This List

Print this list out and bring it with you. Print out a new copy each time you do a shoot and check off each item. Do not rely on your memory until you have done this about a hundred times, and even then it is worthwhile to use the checklist. (Google The Checklist Manifesto if you need further convincing on the power of checklists.)

Complete the Equipment Checklist a few hours before your event, leaving yourself enough time to get equipment if you need it.

Complete the Camera Checklist forty five minutes before your event, while on site. Always give yourself enough time prior to an event to complete the whole checklist. Rushing guarantees failure.

This checklist will not teach you how to use the camera. You should review the checklist with the camera manual (available here) or with a knowledgeable user so you know where every setting is. (HINT: Use CTRL-F or CMD-F to search the pdf if you need to find a setting.)

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